Xinjiang Fang Xia limited liability accounting firms (hereinafter referred to as office) in December 2004 initiated the establishment of a unified social credit Code: 91650102766845613P, a registered capital of RMB five hundred thousand yuan, the practicing certificate number: 65010043, registration: Urumqi Zhongshan Road City Tianshan District No. 260 mansion building room 1706-1710, legal representative: summer and.

After nearly ten years of development, relates to audit and related business areas: audit the accounting statements of enterprises; capital verification; enterprise merger...




  • Audit engagements
  • Evaluating business
  • Engineering cost consultation
  • Legal professional consultation
  • Tax service



Part of the customer list of audit

1 Xinjiang Police Officers Academy
2 Xinjiang medical university
3 Higher people's court

Part of the customer list

1 Tianchuan woolen group
2 Gezhouba Dam group
3 God New Development Co., Ltd.

Cost of the customer list

1 House building project completion settlement audit